Mission Statement

The John Gogian Family Foundation is a private charitable foundation dedicated to supporting community-based organizations that enhance the quality of people’s lives in Los Angeles County.

History of the Foundation

The John Gogian Family Foundation was established on October 18, 1982, to further Mr. Gogian’s diverse philanthropic interests. His empathy for those less fortunate was shaped early through family life experiences, which provided the inspiration for the Foundation’s work. Mr. Gogian’s father, John, was devoted to institutions formed by Armenian Americans in Southern California that helped immigrants take advantage of opportunities in the U.S. and increase their self-sufficiency.

Mr. Gogian’s brother David, an excellent student and athlete, was struck by encephalitis at age 11 and suffered infection and brain damage. Surviving the illness, he spent the rest of his life struggling with mental and physical disabilities until his death at age 28. His mother Rosalia was dedicated and compassionate in her devotion to David, as well as to others who faced hardship and had few resources.

Mr. Gogian became a successful entrepreneur and businessman and was active in the community. Through this service, he gained much first-hand knowledge of the crucial role of efficiently run local organizations in providing support to people in periods of need. When he sold his business, Pacific Cold Storage, in April 1994, Mr. Gogian was able to increase the size of the Foundation and its capacity to make meaningful grants.

Grant Summary & Annual Report for 2018

Foundation Net Assets – Estimated Fair Market Value: $6,320,797
Total Charitable Distribution: $2,000,000
Number of Responsive Grants: 47
Total Responsive Grant Distribution: $1,657,500
Total Grant Distribution since 1981: $21,000,000+

Total Scholarship Distribution: $114,000
Total Number of Scholarship Awards: 6 annually
Total Amount of Scholarships Awarded since 1980: $1,634,000
Total Number of Scholarships Awarded since 1980: 215

IRS 990-PF (tax return)

The John Gogian Family Foundation’s annual IRS 990-PF tax return is posted on the GuideStar website in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.