New Grant Process for 2018

New Process for Applications and Reports

In an effort to avoid duplication and simplify both grantee and foundation efforts, the John Gogian Family Foundation is initiating a new process that combines grant applications and grant reports into a single document. Grantees will use a single form to both report on a prior year grant and to request new funding.

If a grantee is initiating the first year of funding after a year sitting out, the grantee will submit only an application.

If a grantee is concluding the third consecutive year of funding, the grantee will submit only a report.

New Deadlines

The new application and report deadlines—February 15 and August 15, for the same May and November funding cycles as before—apply to all of these forms.

Additional Appendices

The Foundation has changed the list of appendices, so please read the instructions carefully. Please save all files before beginning to work on them.

Electronic Submission, Signature, and Funds Transfer

At the appropriate time, grantees will submit the form and all appendices via email to If a grant is approved by Board of the John Gogian Family Foundation, the Foundation will email a Grant Agreement and request an electronic signature. When the electronically signed document is received, the Foundation will initiate an electronic funds transfer to the grantee’s account, using the account information submitted with the application.