Organization-Strengthening Resources: Financial Management

CNAP (Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional)                      Deadline: August
FMA (Fiscal Management Associates)                                                     Program: online Sept-Nov; in-person in LA Oct 9-11
$775 online; $975 in-person                                                                       certificate course
Best practices in financial reporting, internal controls, budget development, governance, & Form 990. Online includes 7 weekly webinars, all course materials, certification exam, & certification fee. In-person includes 3 days of training, including meals, all course materials, certification exam, & certification fee.
Req’d: nonprofit financial managers & accounting professionals; CPE credit available for CPAs; register online.

FMA (Fiscal Management Associates)                                                         CNAP in-person $975/online $775
FMA’s experienced, culturally diverse staff builds nonprofit capacity in financial management through consulting, advice, training, coaching, and back-office accounting & financial management services. The CNAP (Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional) course (3 days in-person or 7 weeks online) provides in-depth training in nonprofit financial management for nonprofit staff.

Mastering the Nonprofit Business Model                                                             $149/series (discount price)
Nonprofit Quarterly                                                        Program: 9/20, 10/4, 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29/18
Six 90-minute-webinars featuring the best minds in nonprofit finance, with a reader of session summaries, articles, & recommended resources. Overview & sessions on core revenue streams from government contracts, foundation grants, fee-for-service, individual donor, & membership/federation dues, covering each model’s technical & financial elements & implications for leadership, governance, & organizational culture. Access past webinars through archive; 12-month access to account for repeat viewing; series available at any time through recordings.
From the page, use link at top R to create an account, then register for the series, entering discount code Gogian at R on page with billing address.

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)                                                                                                LOW-COST
NFF, a social sector lender, consultant, & thought leader, offers customized loans, consulting, & broader partnership with nonprofits & foundations. Web resources include reports, survey results, & webinars.

SCAN Foundation Tools for Nonprofits                                                                                  FREE
The SCAN Foundation developed several tools for budgeting, planning, & pricing: Budget & Financial Planning Workbook with Instructions, Budget Assumptions Worksheet, Cost Calculation Tool, Cost Categorization Guide Indirect Cost Worksheet, and Pricing Guide.

SCAN Foundation Courses for Nonprofits                                                                             FREE
The SCAN Foundation developed 4 free e-learning courses: How to Make a Business Case, How to Price Long-Term Services & Support, Marketing Strategy & Competitive Analysis, and Project Planning & Management.

Social Sector Partners
Led by David Greco, Social Sector Partners offers training, workshops webinars, board retreats, and Think Money First! for nonprofits & funders to build capacity, financial sustainability, & impact.

Strong Nonprofits                                                                                                                           FREE
Strong Nonprofits, a website developed by FMA & The Wallace Foundation, offers more than 60 free tools, how-to’s, & guides for nonprofit financial planning, monitoring, operations, & governance in the form of articles, templates, schedules, podcasts, & interactive decision-makers.

Think Money First!                                                                                          Deadline: varies
Center for Nonprofit Management                                                          Program: varies
Cost varies                                                                                                          Certificate course + coaching
2-day course or 5 sessions in-person, with virtual coaching, & homework.
Hands-on workshop to align nonprofit business models & fundraising strategies to deliver mission & impact, using full-cost budgeting. Understand financial data, nonprofit finance challenges, identify ways to improve long-term sustainability. Presented by David Greco of Social Sector Partners.
Req’d: budget over $500,000; ideally, ED + Board Member or senior staff; online registration.