Organization-Strengthening Resources: Leadership

Alchemy Fundamentals (formerly Leadership Seminar)                 Deadline: Oct. 1 – Nov. 9, 2018
The Annenberg Foundation                                                                         Program: March-May
FREE                                                                                                                     Course
Phase 1 training in leadership and capacity-building, focused on ED-Board Chair working relationship; topics include effective fundraising, board governance & effectiveness, & financial literacy; create case for support, board member job description, board cultivation matrix, consent agenda; 3 days, homework, & end-of-program report.
Req’d: small or mid-sized LA-area nonprofits (budgets up to $5M), with functioning board; ED & Board Chair must attend all sessions; online application.

Alchemy Leadership Labs                                                                   Deadline: Rolling, ~ 1 month prior to course
The Annenberg Foundation                                                                         Program: TBD
FREE                                                                                                                      Courses
Entry-level & advanced half-day & full-day workshops offering skills & knowledge to build stronger nonprofits for ED & Board Chair or staff; topics include governance, financial sustainability, social media & tech, social entrepreneurship, storytelling/developing a compelling case for support, succession planning, & advocacy & civic engagement.
Req’d: all levels of staff & board of LA-area nonprofits; first-come, first-served; online registration.

CEO Confidential                                                                                             Deadline: 7.1.18
Center for Nonprofit Management                                                          Program: 7.11, 9.19.18; 1.16, 3.20.19
$250                                                                                                                       Peer cohort
Peer support group, confidential discussions, & shared problem-solving with guided facilitation.
Req’d: CEOs/ED of established nonprofits with budget above $750,000.

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs                                       Deadline: apply January, interview in March
Coro Southern California                                                                               Program: September-June
$5,000; payment plans & stipends available                                         Course + cohort + coaching
9-month, full-time, experience-based leadership program in public affairs for 12 Fellows. Systems analysis, fact-finding, project management, communication, & teamwork skills building, using LA as a classroom. Hands-on collaborative learning in public, private, & nonprofit settings; leadership interviews. 5-week individual & 4-week group projects March-May. Strong alumni network & ongoing alumni events.
Req’d: young professionals, online application, full-day interview.

Emerging Leaders Program                                                                          Deadline: November
The Nonprofit Partnership                                                                           Program: January-October
$900 deposit; refund on successful completion of program          Course + cohort + coaching
9-month leadership program for nonprofit professionals looking to advance toward an executive director or leadership position. Retreat + full-day monthly meetings. Nonprofit leadership skills & confidence, strategic planning, mentor coaching.
Req’d: mid-senior nonprofit managers with 3-5 years of experience; email application.

Executive Directors Leadership Institute                                               Deadline: Early 9/20; Regular 10/4
Executive Service Corps                                                                                 Program: January-November 2019
$1,950/org $1,800 early                                                                               Course + coaching
12-month leadership coaching program of 7 workshops, monthly 1-on-1 coaching, peer learning, & comprehensive training to gain skills & confidence, transform leadership, strengthen networks, & guide nonprofits toward long-term sustainability.
Req’d: new & experienced EDs; application w/ED & Board Chair commitment, & phone interview.
Executive Leadership Series (ELS)                                                             Deadline: apply by January
Leadership Long Beach                                                                                  Program: April-May 2019
$2,000                                                                                                                   Peer cohort + course
6-week afternoon/evening program for Long Beach executive leaders & aspiring leaders
Instructional, experiential group learning & reflection activities; personal leadership development & group community service.
Req’d: EDs & aspiring EDs of Long Beach nonprofits & businesses; apply with online interest form.

Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders                                             Deadline: February
Stanford Business School                                                                              Program: May 26-31, 2019
$4,750-9,825; based on org budget; scholarships available            Course + cohort
EPNL is a 6-day residential program, all costs included. Lectures, discussions, & exercises led by Stanford MBA faculty; action plan to address key org & strategic challenges; new perspective & knowledge; diverse nonprofit leader network.
Req’d: ED or C-level nonprofit leader, often mid-career; online application

Greater Good Society Fellowship                                                             Deadline: Rolling
Sky(lark) Strategies, LLC                                                                                 Program: new cohort quarterly
$2,950                                                                                                                   Peer cohort + coaching
The GG Fellowship is a 1-year, grant supported, immersive, personalized program for a cohort of 6-12 social impact leaders, strengthening work & life-work management. Includes retreats, coaching, peer mentoring, & ongoing support towards a defined goal.
Req’d: nonprofit leader (ED, Founder, C-level, Board Member), commit to 4 retreats, seeking solutions; email resume, cover letter, & relevant documents; phone interview.

Lead LA                                                                                                                Deadline: 7.1.18
Coro Southern California                                                                               Program: September-May
$5,000; payment plan & scholarships available                                    Course + cohort + coaching
Retreats, networking, 5 issue days; proposal, design, & debrief days for team projects; weekly optional civic engagement & personal reflection activities. Learn about SoCal civic & political landscape, gain network & skills, using LA as a classroom. Understand yourself, region, issues, & power players. Strong alumni network & ongoing alumni events.
1-2 full-day sessions/month, frequent small group planning meetings.
Req’d: SoCal residents & workers, 7 years of experience, decision-maker/manager/influencer level; in-person info sessions, online application.

Leadership L.A.                                                                                                 Deadline: January
Southern California Leadership Network                                                Program: March-October
$3,950; payment plan & scholarships available                                    Course + Peer cohort + coaching
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce program for business, government, & nonprofit leaders; gain knowledge of issues, establish relationships, develop leadership skills, direct interaction with policy leaders; lifelong network of business, government, & nonprofit leaders.
9 day-long seminars include personal leadership development & how-to’s of civic engagement.
Req’d: early-mid-level professionals, committed to active civic engagement, interest in LA city & county issues; online application.

Leadership Long Beach Institute (LLBI)                                                   Deadline: April-May, interview June
Leadership Long Beach                                                                                  Program: August-June
$3,000; scholarships available                                                                     Peer cohort + course
10 day-long seminars + retreat + class projects. Intensive 10-month cohort (~30 participants) to engage & challenge community leaders to discover together how to improve Long Beach. Explore current issues with leaders & stakeholders, gain knowledge & data, build connections, access local networks.
Req’d: live or work in Long Beach; interest in civic participation; application + interview.

Leadership Southern California                                                                 Deadline: May
Southern California Leadership Network                                                Program: June-January
$4,950; payment plan & scholarships available                                    Peer cohort + course + coaching
8 day-long seminars focused on 5 SoCal counties (LA, OC, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura) & regional issues of government, infrastructure, land use, & natural resources; lifelong network of business, government, & nonprofit leaders.
Req’d: mid-senior-level professionals, committed to active civic engagement, interest in SoCal regional issues; online application.

Next Leaders Development Program                                                      Deadline: 6.1.18
Center for Nonprofit Management                                                          Program: June-November 2018
$500                                                                                                                       Course + coaching
Prepare emerging leaders of color to assume greater responsibilities leading to ED positions; focus on personal strengths & weaknesses, peer network, mentors; apply skills to current challenge; cohort system, seminars, & personal coaching.
Req’d: Diverse, curious, eager senior-level leaders of nonprofits w/ at least $750,000 budget; application, possible call.

Riordan Leadership Institute                                                                      Deadline: June 22
Southern California Leadership Network                                                Program: September-May
$2,500; payment plan & scholarships available                                    Peer cohort + course + coaching
9 Saturday seminars to prepare for lifelong community engagement through service on nonprofit boards. Covers board governance, corporate social responsibility, fiscal responsibilities, fundraising, leadership development, & pro bono service; includes board service, board mentor, & related project with a matched Nonprofit Partner.
Req’d: early-mid-level professionals, committed to active civic engagement; online application.