Organization-Strengthening Resources: Organizational Assessment / Needs Analysis

Core Capacity Assessment Tool                                                  CCAT alone $350; 60-90-min. session $850-980
TCC Group, a Philadelphia nonprofit, offers an online, survey-based assessment too that collects information from key organization decision-makers to assess effectiveness and create prioritized recommendations for building organizational capacity. It measures nonprofit effectiveness in adaptability, leadership, management, & technical capacity. TCC Group also offers interpretation sessions, facilitated conversations offering contextualization, analysis, & scoping of a customized action plan.

Organizational Assessment & Planning Tool                                                                        FREE
The Michigan Nonprofit Association offers a lengthy downloadable PDF assessment tool covering communication, evaluation, financial management, fundraising, governance, human resources, information technology, planning, public policy & advocacy, strategic alliances, transparency & accountability, & volunteer engagement. The tool serves as a  companion to the Association’s book, Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Michigan.

Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT) 2.0                                                      FREE
McKinsey&Company’s Social Sector Group offers an online tool to help nonprofits assess their operational capacity & identify strengths & areas for improvement. The in-depth survey for nonprofit board, leadership, & staff covers aspirations; strategy; leadership, board, & staff; funding; culture & shared values; innovation & adaptation; marketing & communications; advocacy; business processes; & infrastructure & organizational structure.

Quick Assessment Tool                                                                                                                 FREE
The Dwight Stuart Youth Fund offers a short downloadable PDF tool for nonprofits to assess their internal capacity-building needs.
Start Where You Are                                                                                                                     FREE
The Dekko Foundation provides 5 quick online organizational self-assessment tools, slightly customized for various types of organizations, including family & social service agencies & youth-serving nonprofits.