Organization-Strengthening Resources: Revenue-Generating Activities

Social Enterprise Grants                                                                               Deadline: 7.31.18
USC Marshall School of Business                                                               Program: September-December 2018
$10,000-20,000 in grants to each of 3-6 finalists                                               Grant competition
Students do nonprofit case study research, develop proposals, & pitch to judges for funding.
Req’d: Nonprofits within 60 miles of USC, currently operating a social enterprise program generating income from sale of a mission-related product or service for at least 3 months. Available for September site visit, October-November proposal work, late November awards ceremony.

UCLA Social Enterprise Academy                                                              Deadline: 11.21.18
Partnership UCLA/UCLA Economics                                                          Program: January-June
Costs $2,000 for expenses; $30,000 available in grant prizes       Grant competition
Guided by UCLA faculty, alumni, & industry professionals, teams of students + 3-5 nonprofit staff meet 2x/month at UCLA to identify, research, & plan a pitch for earned income opportunities at final event.
Req’d: online application; 3-5 staff for team meetings 2x/month at UCLA.