John Gogian

It is with tremendous sadness that we share that our beloved Founder, John Gogian, passed away on July 3, 2019. John had a huge heart, and from an early age—caring for his brother—he developed a passion to help others in similar circumstances. 

John celebrated his 90th birthday last month and accomplished a lot in his life, but he was most proud of the support he could offer to assist developmentally disabled adults and children, vulnerable seniors, and abused youth. He understood firsthand the difficulties faced by families with a special needs child, and he was filled with compassion to ease their struggles. 

John has made a profound impact on many, and the Foundation will continue to fulfill his legacy.

The John Gogian Family Foundation is a private charitable foundation dedicated to supporting community-based organizations that serve the needs of the developmentally disabled, vulnerable seniors, and vulnerable youth within Los Angeles County. We are committed to providing a positive and lasting impact in people’s lives by contributing to a safe and stable environment in which they can live and grow.

The John Gogian Family Foundation was established in 1982 to further Mr. Gogian’s diverse philanthropic interests. His empathy for those less fortunate was shaped early through family life experiences that provided the inspiration for the Foundation’s work.


Our main effort is concentrated on a grant program that provides funding for organizations within the Foundation’s three program areas. The Foundation’s scholarship program in selected schools within Los Angeles County supports continuing students but will not accept new applications in 2020 or thereafter.