Grant Reporting

Reporting Requirements and Dates

The John Gogian Family Foundation requires an annual grant report from its partners to ascertain the progress of the organizations, programs, and/or capital projects it has supported. Unless otherwise noted, Foundation grants are awarded for a 12-month term.

If an organization receives general operating support, the report should discuss goals and results relating to the organization’s overall mission and programs. If an organization receives program or capital support, the report should focus on the supported activity.

When applicable, annual grant reports are combined with requests for continued funding. Reports and applications should be emailed to

Annual Grant Reports are due as follows:

  • Grant Awarded in May: Annual Report or combined Report/Renewal is due on February 15
  • Grant Awarded in November: Annual Report or combined Report/Renewal is due on August 15
  • If this grant is the last one before a year off, the deadlines are delayed to April 15 and October 15

Grant forms are available for download here:





Matching Grants

In order to validate that all required commitments from other sources have been secured in cash and valid pledges, all matching grants require a report with the following:

  1. A list of the donors’ names
  2. Dates of donations
  3. Amounts of donations

Grant Extension

If you have not expended all of the funds at the end of twelve months, you must explain in writing the circumstances for not meeting this condition. The Foundation will contact you to discuss the circumstances and amend the Grant Agreement if required. You are not eligible to submit another LOI or Grant Application until all grant funds have been expended.